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Imaging, Vision and Optical Instrumentation  
Department description:
Associated groups:
Visual Optics & Biophotonics (VIOBIO)
Development of imaging techniques for the in vivo assessment of the normal and pathological eye, evaluation of ocular surgery and optical corrections, and design of new alternatives for correction.[...]

Image and Vision Science (IVIS)
Development of image processing techniques and study and analysis of visual models.[...]

Optics for Space and High Energy Ions (GOLDION)
Optics of Thin Films sub-line addresses the development of advanced coatings and measurement techniques to improve the efficiency of optical instruments and the knowledge of the optical properties of materials[...]

Optical Radiation Measurements (GIMRO)
The optical radiation emitted or modified by objects is a very important source of information about their nature, their state, their morphology, their interaction with the environment and about some[...]

The project “Harnessing Vision Science to Overcome the Critical Limitations of Artificial Neural Networks” has been one of the 5 projects selected in the Fundamentals Program of the BBVA Foundation

Rise and decline of spanish optical instrument technology: the telescope of the daza de valdés optics institute (1940-1970)

SureVision research project, one of the 10 projects of technology companies supported by CSIC in 2023

Computational simulation of the optical performance of an EDOF intraocular lens in post-LASIK eyes

Chemometric-driven quantification of construction and demolition waste using Raman spectroscopy and SWIR: Enhancing sustainability in the ceramic sector

Direct measurement of the extinction coefficient by differential transmittance

Optical beam scanner with reconfigurable non-mechanical control of beam position, angle, and focus for low-cost whole-eye OCT imaging

Correlation between structure and mechanical properties in α-quartz single crystal by nanoindentation, AFM and confocal Raman microscopy

Unveiling the effects of the surface and in-depth nanostructure on the far-UV optical reflectance of thin fluoride multilayer coatings

New options in monovision correction and ocular dominance measurement.

Innovative Approaches for Organizing an Inclusive Optics and Photonics Conference in Virtual Format

CIPM key comparison CCPR-K1.a.2017 for spectral irradiance 250 nm to 2500 nm. Final report

Estimation of the full shape of the crystalline lens from OCT: validation using stretched donor lenses

Using Decoupled Features for Photorealistic Style Transfer

Quick blur changes as a visual grading method

State-of-the-art image and video quality assessment with a metric based on an intrinsically nonlinear neural summation model

Two photographs of María Egües Ortiz (1917-2008): a periscopic gaze in times of misty silence

The birth of the Spanish Optical Society: From international integration to national construction (1946-1970)

Instrumented baffle for the Advanced Virgo input mode cleaner end mirror

Between reality and desire: The development of optical engineering in Spain(1920-1936)

CSIC researchers create a tool to correct the instability of optoadjustable lenses

Estimation of the full shape of the crystalline lens in-vivo from OCT images using eigenlenses

Evaluating the effect of ocular aberrations on the simulated performance of a new refractive IOL design using adaptive optics

Evaluation of different general V(λ) mismatch indices of photometers for LED-based light sources in general lighting applications
In this work, an international team has compared other alternatives to the general mismatch index V(λ) to assess whether any of them might be more suitable when using[...]

Measurement and Simulation of Mechanical and Optical Properties of Sputtered Amorphous SiC Coatings
A large international team made up of research centers and universities in Italy, France and Spain have studied the feasibility of using amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) mirrors for[...]

IO-CSIC scientists successfully test their SimVis visual simulator on patients with cataracts before undergoing surgery
SimVis Gekko preoperative use , developed by researchers from the Institute of Optics (IO-CSIC), is viable to show patients what their vision will be like after surgery [...]

Process design for the manufacturing of soft X-ray gratings in single-crystal diamond by high-energy heavy-ion irradiation

Closed-loop experimental optimization of tunable lenses
A scientific team made up of personnel from the Institute of Optics and the spin-off 2EyesVision have developed a new low-cost, automatic heuristic optimization system for the response[...]

Final report on the CCPR Key Comparison CCPR-K3.2014 Luminous Intensity
Do you know how agreement between measurement standards from different countries is guaranteed? Key international comparison of Luminous Intensity between 12 countries in which the IO-CSIC acts as the[...]

Wave-based optical coherence elastography: the 10-year perspective

Multi-exposure microscopic image fusion-based detail enhancement algorithm

MicroHikari3D: An automated DIY digital microscopy platform with deep learning capabilities

Primary facility for traceable measurement of the BSSRDF

Optical and visual quality of real intraocular lenses physically projected on the patient's eye

Alejandro Ferrero Turrión, awarded the DfwG-Fellow 2021 by the German Society for Color Science and Application (DFwG)

Estimation of scleral mechanical properties from air-puff optical coherence tomography

Article published in El País by our colleague Sergio Barbero explaining the shape of progressive lenses
Our colleague Sergio Barbero has just published an informative article in the section "Coffee and theorems" of the newspaper El País, explaining the limits that progressive lenses have[...]

Smooth multifocal wavefronts with a prescribed mean curvature for visual optics applications
Multifocal contact lenses or multifocal intraocular lenses are widely used ophthalmic devices. Traditionally, they are intended for the partial correction of presbyopia in the adult population and, more[...]

Simulating Outcomes of Cataract Surgery: Important Advances in Ophthalmology
As the human eye ages, the lens hardens (presbyopia) and becomes opaque (cataract), requiring its replacement with an artificial lens (intraocular lens). This cataract surgery is the most frequently[...]

The INstituto de Óptica develops the transmittance filters used by the Chinese satellite FY-3E to predict the weather
A team from the Institute of Optics of the Higher Council for Scientific Research has developed the transmittance filters integrated into the Chinese satellite Fengyun-3E which, since July[...]

Interview with our colleague Sergio Barbero Briones on the program Experimento Demente on Europea Radio.
Interview with our colleague Sergio Barbero Briones on the program Experimento Demente on Europea Radio. In it he has explained his scientific research in visual optics, which studies the[...]

Optimization of the deposition parameters of MgF2/LaF3 narrowband reflective FUV multilayers
Scientists from the Thin Film Optics Group of the Optics Institute, the LABMET of the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Catholic University of America and[...]

Published "The ophthalmologist who used mathematics to understand astigmatism" in El País
Our colleague Sergio Barbero together with María del Mar González from the Autonomous University of Madrid and member of the ICMAT and Ágata Timón G-Longoria of the ICMAT[...]

¿Se puede medir el color? - Can you measure the color? Talk of the cycle of conferences "Science in the First Person" by our colleague Joaquín Campos
Yesterday, June 13, our colleague Joaquín Campos gave a talk entitled Can you measure color? organized by the National Museum of Science and Technology, MUNCYT de Alcobendas and[...]

Vision with spatial light modulator simulating multifocal contact lenses in an adaptive optics system
The study reveals that the implemented spatial light modulators (SLMs) can be used reliably to simulate multifocal contact lenses and thus provide patients with the experience of multifocal[...]

The University of Salamanca appoints our colleague Susana Marcos as an honorary member
On April 10, the Alumni-University of Salamanca celebrated today the appointment of honorary partners to our colleague and director of the Visual Optics and Biophotonics laboratory, Susana Marcos,[...]

JAE Offer Introductory introduction to the research entitled "Light and its interaction with matter: measurement and applications"
Ref: JAEINT21_EX_0135 Training plan offered by the researcher Alejandro Ferrero Turrión and entitled: Light and its interaction with matter: measurement and applications Registration deadline until April 12 The research group "Optical[...]

Isolated human crystalline lens three-dimensional shape: A comparison between Indian and European populations
It is well known that there are differences between the different ethnic groups of the world. Differences in skin color and facial features are obvious, while numerous variations[...]

Susana Marcos participates in the colloquium "Mujer, universidad, ciencia y sociedad".
On the occasion of International Women's Day, researcher Susana Marcos will participate in the online colloquium "Women, university, science and society" organised by the equality unit of the[...]

Graphite to diamond transition induced by photoelectric absorption of ultraviolet photons

Graphite vs diamond

The two most common allotropes (different atomic structures for the same element) of solid carbon are graphite and diamond. In graphite, the carbon atoms are arranged[...]

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science awards Judith Birkenfeld along with 4 other researchers
The L'Oréal-UNESCO "For Women In Science" program, coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11-F), has awarded prizes to 5 Spanish[...]

Computational estimation of point-spread-function field in axially symmetric optical systems
The point spread function (PSF) describes the response of an imaging system to a point source. The degree of blurring is a measure of the quality of an[...]

Fundamental scattering quantities for the determination of reflectance and transmittance
According to the CIE International Illumination Vocabulary (ILV), reflectance is defined as "the ratio between the reflected radiant flux (or luminous flux) and the incident flux under given[...]

Multifocal Acceptance Score to Evaluate Vision
Presbyopia, the loss of the ability to focus on close objects, affects 100% of the population over 45 years of age. There are more and more corrections of[...]

Joaquín Campos will be the next Chair of the EURAMET Photometry and Radiometry Technical Committee
Our colleague Joaquín Campos will be the next chair of the Technical Committee for Photometry and Radiometry of Euramet , the European association of national metrology[...]

Vision is protected against blue defocus
Optical imperfections in the human eye (known as aberrations) blur the images projected on the retina. In addition to the aberrations that occur by stimuli in all colors,[...]

Angular and Spectral Bandwidth Considerations in BRDF Measurements of Interference and Diffraction-Based Coatings


the term goniochromatism or iridescence measures the phenomenon in which the color of a sample changes with the angle of illumination and observation. The goniochromatism that occurs[...]

Admissible surfaces in progressive addition lenses
Progressive lenses have gained worldwide acceptance as an optimal solution for presbyopia compensation in the presence of other ametropia (myopia or hyperopia), due to the possibility of[...]

Mirrors for Space Telescopes: Degradation Problems
Mirrors are a central element of space instrumentation. In front of the lenses, they have the advantage that they can be made much lighter. In addition, they can[...]

The Lightlens project has won the XVI edition of the Entrepreneurs 2020 awards in the category Best Business Idea.
The LightLens project, whose main researcher is Susana Marcos, consists of the creation and marketing of an accommodating lens for people with presbyopia, capable of focusing on near[...]

Susana Marcos Celestino and María Josefa Yzuel Giménez, awarded the V Prize "Julio Peláez for Women Pioneers of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics"
On Wednesday, November 18, the awards ceremony was held, with the participation of the president of the CSIC Rosa Menéndez and Pablo Artal. The president of the CSIC highlighted[...]

In vivo measurement of shear modulus of the human cornea using optical coherence elastography

The cornea

The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber and has an optical and protective function.

Science week activity "Decoupling Features to Navigate the Universe of Data"
In this virtual activity of the science week Francisco Javier de la Portilla Muelas (Senior Scientist) and Eduardo Martínez Enriquez (Researcher) will make a presentation that is intended[...]

Science week activity "Eye movements and the problem of measuring in movement"
In this virtual activity of the science week Alberto de Castro Arribas will give a talk aimed at all audiences. Our eyes are never completely stopped. Although we stare[...]

New system for better detection of biomechanical abnormalities of the eye based on images in multiple sections of the corneal deformation by an air-puff
Corneal biomechanics Corneal biomechanics plays a fundamental role in the origin and progression of corneal pathologies, such as keratoconus, in corneal remodeling after corneal surgery and helps in the[...]

Why does the Adachi procedure work to avoid divergence in optical models?
The optical constants of the material are two functions that are used to evaluate the interaction of the material with the electromagnetic field. Despite its name, the optical[...]

Optical and Visual Quality With Physical and Visually Simulated Presbyopic Multifocal Contact Lenses
As multifocal contact lenses (MCLs) expand as a solution for presbyopia correction, a better understanding of how they work is essential. Also, providing subjects with the experience of multifocal[...]

Contact lenses, the reverse Pulfrich effect, and anti-Pulfrich monovision corrections
Monovision is a widely prescribed correction for presbyopia, the age-related loss of attention span, which affects 2 billion people worldwide. Monovision corrections serve as an alternative to reading[...]

Published the book "Modern Trends in Diatom Identification" by Gabriel Cristobal, Saúl Blanco and Gloria Bueno

Reference Cristóbal G., Blanco S., Bueno G. (eds) Modern Trends in Diatom Identification, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2020, Currently, digital microscopes can provide high[...]

The ViOBio laboratory needs volunteers for a new study in which they will check which of your two eyes is the dominant one


A low-cost automated digital microscopy platform for automatic identification of diatoms

Diatoms are microscopic single-celled algae that have been present on Earth for at least 180 million years. They survive in any aquatic ecosystem with[...]

A study has been carried out to improve the accuracy of the bidirectional reflectance measurement system
The laboratory of Photometry, Radiometry and Fiber Optics of the Instituto de Óptica has conducted a study to improve the accuracy of the measurement system of bidirectional reflectance[...]

María Viñas, winner of the audience award at the EYRA 2020 awards
Our colleague María Viñas from the VioBio laboratory has received the EYRA 2020 award from the audience for Young Researchers in the postdoctoral category The EYRA (European Young[...]

New web site of the Thin Film Optics Group
The Thin Film Optics Group (GOLD) has published today its new website ( The group is a reference in scientific research and design of optical coatings for the[...]

VioBio lab launch the transfer to the market of intraocular lenses capable of replicating the eye's young crystalline lens
After the age of 40, presbyopia appears, the progressive loss of the eye"s ability to focus at certain distances that ends up requiring the use of glasses or[...]

Intraocular lenses that replicate the young crystalline lens designed at the Institute of Optics

Scientists at the Institute of Optics have started transferring to the market intraocular lenses capable of replicating the young crystalline lens of the eye. The aim is to[...]

Recognition of measurement patterns from the Institute of Optics
On February 21st, it was published in the B. O. E. the ministerial order ICT/149/2020, of 7 February, which recognises the light intensity and luminous flux patterns developed[...]

Talk by Carlos Dorronsoro in the session of success stories of the Transfiere forum
Our fellow researcher Carlos Dorronsoro gave a talk today at the 9th European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation (Transfer) of Malaga, in the session of "Success stories

"Physics, Innovation and Technology" award from the Royal Spanish Society of Physics to Carlos Dorronsoro
Our colleague Carlos Dorronsoro received the Physical, Innovation and Technology Prize on December 12 for developing and transferring optical technologies with a high social and economic impact.

The event[...]

"Optics and light: from astronomy to the eye" By Susana Marcos
In this conference, entitled "Optics and light: from astronomy to the eye", the CSIC researcher addressed from a didactic approach the development of new diagnostic techniques, treatment and[...]

The “Bidirectional reflectance definitions” (BiRD, 16NRM08) project of the EMPIR program, highlighted by EURAMET
This research project in which the IO-CSIC participates has been highlighted in the EURAMET news among the success stories by having the International Lighting Commission approve a joint[...]

2019 RSEF Physics, Innovation and Technology Award for Carlos Dorronsoro
Our colleague Carlos Dorronsoro of the Visual and Biophotonics Optics group has received the Physics, Innovation and Technology Award from the Royal Spanish Physics Society (RSEF-BBVA).

The Royal Spanish[...]

24th CCPR Meeting
The Consultative Committee for Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM) will meet at the BIPM headquarters in Sèvres on September 19[...]

CSIC researchers develop an accommodative lens capable of imitating the human lens to correct presbyopia
With age, the lens of the eye becomes more rigid, losing its ability to focus objects dynamically, a condition known as presbyopia. The definitive solution for the correction[...]

First implants in patients with an extended focus intraocular lens patented by the IO_CSIC
Cataracts affect 50% of the population over 65 years, and cataract surgery has 28 million procedures a year. In cataract surgery, the natural lens is replaced by an[...]

JOB OFFER: Industrial PhD
Industrially focused research project and PhD education to be carried out in collaboration between a private company, 2Eyes Vision, and a public research institution, the Visual Optics and[...]

Monovision, although compensating for tired eyesight, generates adverse effects of distance perception

When a fix for one vision problem causes another

Aging diminishes the ability of the eyes to focus up close. An international team with participation of researchers from the[...]

Susana Marcos wins the National Research Award 2019
The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities awarded yesterday the National Research Awards 2019, with 30,000 euros each, and among the winners is Susana Marcos, director of the[...]

Susana Marcos wins an ERC Advanced Grants
Only three CSIC projects have received grants in the Advanced Grants category, in addition to a researcher who is a partner in a fourth project.
These important grants awarded[...]

IO-CSIC announces the winners of the Photon Prize 2018

The institute announces the first call for the new FOTON awards

Colloquium Marie Sklodoswka-Curie: Eero Simoncelli

Presentation by Prof. Susana Marcos: From telescopes to the eye: the route for new technologies in ophtalmology

El IOSA / EPS Young Minds Student Chapter del Instituto de Óptica organiza la

Colloquium Marie Skłodowska Curie

Call for Fellows in Photonics and Applications - Marie S.-Curie COFUND MULTIPLY

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  • [...]

    IO participates in the lecture series "La luz como guía del desarrollo de la humanidad" at the Residencia de Estudiantes

    The CSIC presents the exhibition
      This exhibition highlights the applications of light in our daily lives.

      From the first light of the universe to the exciting human visual system, through such phenomena as[...]

    Publication of the book
      Light is essential to understand what surrounds us. It is a basic element of the universe and some essential aspects of this, like life, would not be[...]

    Informative Conference
    Informative lecture on the evolution of communication systems based on visual and light signals along history, with special emphasis on the revolution for the world of telecommunications have[...]

    CIE Global Open Lab Day en el IO-CSIC
    Open day of the Laboratory of Photometry, Radiometry and Optical Fibers with the International Year of Light "

    Hours: 10 am to 14 pm.

    Aimed at professionals in the field[...]

    An international team including members of IO-CSIC develops a new method for secret key exchange using ultralong lasers
    Un equipo internacional con participación de investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ha demostrado la viabilidad de un nuevo método criptográfico para el intercambio seguro de[...]

    Introductory video-presentation of Optics Institute 2015
    Presented the new official introduction video-presentation of Optics.Institute
    It is available in two versions, both are already on YouTube:
    Optics Institute (CSIC), long video (12 "to 1280x720) in Spanish.

    Cycle of Conferences: What is light? History of scientific ideas about light

    “Women in the summit of science” in El Mundo

    National’s newspaper El Mundo magazine Yo Dona published an article on women in science. Susana Marcos, along with other spanish prestigious scientists (including Margarita Salas, Maria Blasco, Angela[...]

    Justiniano Casas Award Ceremony at ICO Conference

    Sergio Ortiz (and PhD supervisor Susana Marcos) honored at International Comission for Optics Conference in Santiago de Compostela, where the Justiniano Casas Award Ceremony took place). The Award[...]

    VioBio Lab alumna Judith Birkenfeld 2014 M+Vision Fellow
    The Madrid–MIT M+Visión Consortium announced this month the selection of its fourth cohort of M+Visión Fellows in Translational Biomedical Imaging. Judith Birkenfeld awarded one of the fellowships. The[...]

    VioBio Lab on TV, on new ERC Grant
    Brief appearance of VioBio Lab and interview to Susana Marcos in La Sexta News, concerning new ERC Grant in the context of national research funding.[...]

    European Research Council Proof of Concept Grant awarded to VioBio Lab
    The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab has been awarded one of the six ERC Proof of Concept Grants granted in Spain in the last call of the European[...]

    Susana Marcos, in “Protagonistas de la Ciencia” in Scientific Culture, CSIC
    Susana Marcos discusses about research in her lab and science outreach in general in the “Protagonistas de la Ciencia” series by Scientific Culture at CSIC. [...]

    Maria Viñas, winner in the Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition (FIO2014)

    Maria Vinas has been awarded in the Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition for her work, Optical performance with multi-zone multifocal designs with natural and corrected ocular aberrations,[...]

    Pablo Pérez, winner in M + Visión IDEA2 Innovation Contest
    Pablo Pérez-Merino has been awarded in the innovation mentorship program  IDEA2 2014 (Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium) with its NICO project. NICO is a low-cost, portable, easy to use and[...]

    Susana Marcos, Awarded the “Physics, Innovation and Technology Award” by the Royal Spanish Physics Society/BBVA Foundation
    The Real Sociedad Española de Fisica has announced the 2014 Physics Awards. Susana Marcos is the recipient of the RSEF/Fundación BBVA “Física, Innovación y Tecnología” for “her research[...]

    Susana Marcos receives the Associate Award at the 2015 Wavefront Congress
    Susana Marcos has been the receipient of the Associate Award at the 2015 Wavefront Presbyopic and Refraction corrections Congress held in Santa Barbara, CA, recognizing the best oral[...]

    FEDER funded projects
    Received communication from the Deputy Vice Presidency CSIC Scientific Programming, list of projects with financial support from FEDER.[...]

    Opening ceremony of the International Year of Light 2015 in Spain

      The Committee for the celebration of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 in Spain organises an academic opening ceremony to be held at Poliorama[...]

    High school students of Veritas Institute visited the Institute of Optics
      To mark the declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, high school students of Veritas Institute have visited the Optics[...]

    Ultrafast Lasers: Progress in I+D and Industry Applications
    Technical conference to be held in Madrid, on November 11, 2014, This event is open to collaboration between research groups, research institutes and companies around ultrafast lasers space.[...]

    Enabled the Spanish Portal to celebrate the International Year of the Light 2015
    The December 20, 2013, the United Nations (UN), at its 68th Annual Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. 

    The International Year of Light[...]

    Spanish Committee for celebrating International Year of Light 2015
    The kick-off meeting of the Committee in charge of promoting education and outreach activities for celebrating the International Year of Light in Spain has been held. During 2015,[...]

    2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

    The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the

    El ensayo púbilco tendrá lugar el [...]

    Optics and Photonics News (OSA) selects “Eye Biometry Using Quantitative 3-D OCT” as “Best of Optics 2013″

    Optics and Photonics News December special issue highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months. The BOE paper on “Full OCT[...]

    @ERC_Research – @NSF Initiative for Career Awardees and Postdoctoral Fellows @VioBio_Lab

    The European Research Council-National Science Foundation has relaunched the second edition of the initiative for research visits to laboratories founded by the European Research Council (ERC), addressed to NSF Career Awardees and[...]

    ERC Advanced Grant PRESBYOPIA Project featured in European Research Council video
    Susana Marcos discusses with two other investigators the benefits and prospects of ERC funded research, in a video filmed by the European Research Council in Madrid.


    Interview on Presbyopia on the Spanish National Television
    Susana Marcos was interviewed live yesterday on Presbyopia on TVE2 (Para todos la 2). The discussion included explanations on crystalline accommodation and aging, and presbyopia corrections,  for a[...]

    XIII Week of Science and Technology (4 to 17 November 2013)


    Pablo de Gracia PhD, defensa tesis doctoral " Vision under manipulated aberrations towards improved multifocal corrections", 11 Octubre

    Pablo de Gracia PhD, defenderá su tesis doctoral en " Vision under manipulated aberrations towards improved multifocal corrections" en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (PhD Supervisor: Susana[...]

    Conferencia sobre Daza de Valdés
    El próximo martes 24 de septiembre, a las 11:30, D. Javier Jiménez Benito, especialista en la vida y obra de Daza de Valdés,impartirá una conferencia[...]

    CSIC press release on PLOS ONE publication on visual code for blur
    Each person has his/her own internal visual code forblur, with matches the optical imperfections of the eye. Complete press release at:[...]

    Lucie Sawides PhD, defense on "Correction and control of ocular aberrations with adaptive optics: Effects on human vision" , July 26

    Lucie Sawides will defend his PhD thesis on "Correction and control of ocular aberrations with adaptive optics: Effects on human vision" at the University of[...]

    CSIC honors IO researchers awarded by other institutions (academic year 2012-13)

    Collect the distinction D. Pedro Corredera representing the[...]

    Alberto de Castro, Awarded the PhD Thesis Extraordinary Award.
    Alberto de Castro, Awarded the PhD Thesis ExtraordinaryAward Alberto de Castro has received a PhD Thesis Extraordinary Award from theUniversity of[...]

    Susana Marcos, elected a second term Biomedical Optics Express Associate Editor
    The Optical Society of America Board of Directors hasunanimously elected Susana Marcos for a second three-year term as AssociateEditor of Biomedical[...]

    Collaboration Agreement signed with School of Optometry/Optometry Clinic Universidad Complutense de Madrid.



    M+Vision Eye Project Subward signed with MIT and Fundacion Madri+d

    Sergio Ortiz PhD defense on Quantitative Anterior Segment OCT, December 14

    Sergio Ortiz will defend his PhD thesis on “Quantitative Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography” at the University of Valladolid (PhD Supervisor: Susana Marcos).

    A general practice will be conducted[...]

    Susana Marcos, elected Director at Large of the Optical Society of America
    OSA announced yesterday (Oct 16)  the results of its annual election at itsBusiness Meeting held in Rochester,[...]

    CSIC Press release on Instituto de Optica study on adaptation to astigmatism

    Presentation of the book on "Jose Maria OteroNavascues", founder and first Director of the Institute of Optics,November 27, at CSIC

    The Institute of Optics in the 12th Week of Science in Madrid

    Come and participate in the following activities at theInstitute of Optics, CSIC, in the Week of Science

     Monday, November 12,[...]

    The Institute of Optics hosts the Summer School and Annual Meeting of the Marie Curie ITN Network "Optical and Adaptational Limits of Vision"
    The Institute of Optics hosts the Summer School and Annual Meeting of the Marie Curie ITN Network "Optical and Adaptational Limits of Vision" (Sept 18-21 2012)

    Additional information at[...]

    Madrid MIT M+Vision Horizon Lectures on Biomedical Imaging at Instituto de Optica (CSIC). July 2-5 2012
    The Instituto de Optica (CSIC) hosts the first week of Horizon Lectures of the Madrid MIT M+Vision Consortitum on Biomedical Imaging: July 2-5 2012, 18:00-19:00 followed by a[...]

    V Course on Microscopy and Applications 2022

    III Course on Automatic Microscopic Image Processing
    The objective of the course focuses on the development of both theoretical and practical fundamentals of microscopy processing and analysis.

    The course is aimed at researchers and students interested[...]

    III Course on Microscopy and Applications February 19-21, 2020.
    The objective of the course focuses on the development of the theoretical foundations of the formation and acquisition of images in microscopy.

    The course is focused at researchers, technologists[...]

    XXIX Introductory Course to Research in Optics April, 25th-26th 2019
    April 25-26, 2019
    Are you a university student in one of the last two years of studies?
    Are you studying a Master in subjects related to Optics and Photonics?

    Course of scientific experiments for teachers
    We are organizing an activity especially for teachers of Educación Secundaria and Bachillerato. It consists on a course of scientific experiments named: “Aprendiendo a enseñar Ciencia de forma[...]

    Course - Adaptive Optics in Visual Optics and Biophotonics, March 21-22, 2018
    Biophotonics is a research area with great technological and social impact, in which different research groups of the CSIC work, such as the Visual and Biophotonics Optics Group[...]

    Curso sobre Microscopía y Aplicaciones, 7-9 Febrero de 2018
    El Instituto de Óptica y la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha organizan un curso sobre Microscopía y Aplicaciones, que se desarrollará del 7 al 9 de febrero.

    XXVIII Introductory Course to Research in Optics April, 5th-6th 2018

    Interuniversity Master's Degree in Vision Science Research
    It is reported that the Institute of Optics, through the Optical Visual and Biophotonic Group, is one of the coordinators of the "Interuniversity Master of Research in Vision[...]

    Madrid-MIT M+Vision Minicourse on "Optical Imaging: Applications in Ophthalmology"

    As part of the Madrid-MIT Vision Consortium JulyMinicourse Series, the Institute of Optics will be offering a course on"Optical Imaging:

    US National Science Foundation- European Research Council Opportunity in ERC-funded VioBio Lab


    MIT Madrid M+Vision 2013 Fellowships on Translational Biomedical Imaging