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Institute of Optics
"Daza de Valdés"

Founded in 1946, it is included in the Area of Physical Sciences and Technologies of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the Spanish National Research Council.

The institute of Optics is part of CSIC's network of research centres.

Our scientific objectives include every aspect of Optics and Photonics, with particular emphasis in areas such as Oftalmic and Physiological Optics, Image Processing, Optical Metrology, Light-Matter interaction, Non-linear Dynamics of Optical Systems, Nanophotonics and Optical Communications.

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Bespoke photonic devices using ultrafast laser driven ion migration in glasses

Presentation by Prof. Susana Marcos: From telescopes to the eye: the route for new technologies in ophtalmology


Javier Solís, new member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza

First Random fiber laser with dual polarization output created at Instituto de Óptica

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Curso sobre Microscopía y Aplicaciones, 7-9 Febrero de 2018

Curso sobre Procesado de Imagen Microscópica con ImageJ/FIJI, 12-16 Febrero de 2018

XXVIII Introductory Course to Research in Optics April, 5th-6th 2018

Interuniversity Master's Degree in Vision Science Research

Day Program Dissemination of European I+D+i in Metrology

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