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Ultrafast, Nonlinear and Nanoscale Photonics  
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Óptica Guiada No-Lineal y en la Nanoescala (N2GO)
Theoretical and experimental studies of nonlinear effects in optical waveguides, with particular emphasis in telecommunication applications and fiber lasers, implementation of novel fiber-optic exploiting nonlinear interactions. Fiber sensors, fiber metrology[...]

Laser Processing Group (LPG)
The activity of the Laser Processing Group (LPG) focuses on the study of both fundamental and applied aspects of laser-matter interaction aiming at discovering, understanding and controlling laser-matter interaction phenomena[...]

Teorical Nanophotonics Group (TNG)
The research carried out by the Theoretical Nanophotonics Group (TNG) is situated at the confluence of photonics, condensed matter physics and nanotechnology. Their work focuses on understanding the fundamental principles[...]

Technologies for Energy (TEN)

Tunable light emission from Bi- and V-doped borosilicate glasses for application in white light-emitting diodes.

Perfect absorption with overlapping electric and magnetic lattice resonances in periodic arrays of metalloelectric nanostructures

Femtosecond laser thinning for resistivity control of tungsten ditelluride thin-films synthesized from sol-gel deposited tungsten oxide

Normal Incidence Excitation of Out-of-Plane Lattice Resonances in Bipartite Arrays of Metallic Nanostructures

Construction of conventional metasurfaces with unconventional interband plasmonics: a versatile route for sustainable bismuth-based structural color generation

Tunable bound states in the continuum in active metasurfaces of graphene disk dimers

Low-Loss Directional Coupler for the C, L and U Bands Based on Subwavelength Gratings

CSIC is creating a new technology to make the future’s solar energy quantum and with temperature self-regulation

An Integrated Pump-Controlled Variable Coupler Fabricated by Ultrafast Laser Writing

Hot electron enhanced photoemission from laser fabricated plasmonic photocathodes

Millimetric spatial resolution time-expanded ϕ-OTDR

Fiber-Optic Observations of Internal Waves and Tides

Innovative Approaches for Organizing an Inclusive Optics and Photonics Conference in Virtual Format

Noise analysis in direct detection and coherent detection phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry systems

Start of the METASCALE project financed by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie contract awarded to our colleague Carlota Ruiz de Galarreta

High-quality, optically active and integrable EuOOH films prepared by pulsed laser deposition

Modeling optical amplification in Er/Yb-codoped integrated Bragg gratings

Amplitude-Only Light Modulator Could Improve Photonic Device Efficiency

Wavelength-Independent Performance of Femtosecond Laser Dielectric Ablation Spanning over Three Octaves

Highly directional single-photon source

Humidity-insensitive optical fibers for distributed sensing applications

Three researchers from the Laser Processing group have published a chapter in the book “Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring”

General V(λ) mismatch index: History, current state and new ideas

Temperature-Dependent Anisotropic Refractive Index in β-Ga2O3: Application in Interferometric Thermometers

A 25 km pulsed laser to help the environment

Broadband three-mode converter and multiplexer based on cascaded symmetric Y-junctions and subwavelength engineered MMI and phase shifters

Asymmetry Optimization for 10 THz OPC Transmission over the C + L Bands Using Distributed Raman Amplification

Chiral Lattice Resonances in 2.5-Dimensional Periodic Arrays with Achiral Unit Cells

High-density and broad band optical frequency combs generated by pseudo-random phase modulation of optically injected gain-switched semiconductor lasers

CSIC scientists control heat transfer between nanostructures through rotation

Time Expansion in Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

Laser-induced direct transfer printing and the future of digital manufacturing

Silicon oxynitride nanofilms prepared by PLD with controlled Eu-local concentration for broadband white light emitters

A new ceramic material could be used to manufacture batteries without dependence on lithium

Filtering and Modulation from the Infrared to the Terahertz using Phase-Change Extraordinary Optical Transmission Metasurfaces

Analysis of the Limits of the Optical Response of a Metallic Nanoparticle with Gain

Lattice Resonances for Thermoplasmonics

Optical Properties of 2D Micro- and Nanostructures of ZnO:K
A team made up of the Department of Materials Physics of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Laser Processing Group of the Institute of Optics have studied[...]

Effect of Linewidth on the Relative Intensity Noise in Random Distributed Feedback Raman Fiber Lasers
We experimentally explore the relation between spectral linewidth and RIN transfer in half-open cavity random distributed feedback Raman lasers, demonstrating for the first time the possibility of adjusting[...]

Frequency stability requirements in quasi-integer-ratio time-expanded phase-sensitive OTDR
We formulate the requirements for the frequency stability of the reference clock used in a quasi-integer-ratio DFC scheme. This analysis allows us to stablish the limits on the[...]

Influence of Heat Accumulation on Morphology Debris Deposition and Wetting of LIPSS on Steel upon High Repetition Rate Femtosecond Pulses Irradiation
Until now, although the problem was known, there were few studies to what extent the repetition rate of the laser influences both the deposition of material and the[...]

Experimental characterization of an ultra-broadband dual-mode symmetric Y–junction based on metamaterial waveguides
The device has losses of as only 0.3 dB for the fundamental transmission mode in a 260 nm bandwidth. [...]

A IO-CSIC team visualizes in 3D the temporal evolution of the steel surface during laser processing
The work led by scientists from the Institute of Optics provides new keys on the processing of metals by femtosecond lasers using this technique[...]

Optical Response of Periodic Arrays of Graphene Nanodisks
These results have been found using a new theoretical model, which improves the previous models and allows the study of graphene discs with a high level of doping[...]

Noise Levels and Signals Observed on Submarine Fibers in the Canary Islands Using DAS

Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of Cu2Zn(GexSi1-x)Se4 bulk poly-crystals
Research published on a promising new kesterite compound for the design of low-cost, thin photovoltaic solar cells. [...]

Propagation dynamics of the solid–liquid interface in Ge upon ns and fs laser irradiation
The Laser Processing group has achieved a new breakthrough in laser pulse irradiation on germanium. The dynamics of melting and solidification of the layer melted with laser have[...]

Lattice Resonances Excited by Finite-Width Light Beams
Published a theoretical model to calculate the optical response of a periodic matrix of metallic nanoparticles excited by a realistic light beam, which reveals important limits when building[...]

Phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry: concept and applications

Pulsed laser deposition and structural evolution of BaF2 nanolayers in Eu-doped BaF2/Al2O3 layered optical nanocomposite thin films
Controlling the formation of Europium-doped barium fluoride (BaF2:Eu) nanocrystals for integration into future optical devices such as LEDs. [...]

Cancellation of reference update-induced 1/f noise in a chirped-pulse DAS

Dual electro-optic comb spectroscopy using a single pseudo-randomly driven modulator

Reaching Long-Term Stability in CP-ϕOTDR

Time-Expanded Φ-OTDR Based on Binary Sequences

Surface Gravity Wave Interferometry and Ocean Current Monitoring With Ocean-Bottom DAS

Comparative Analysis of the Near- and Far-Field Optical Response of Thin Plasmonic Nanostructures

Enhanced Light Absorption in All-Polymer Biomimetic Photonic Structures by Near-Zero-Index Organic Matter

Nanosecond Laser Switching of Phase-Change Random Metasurfaces with Tunable ON-State

Ultralong ring laser supercontinuum sources using standard telecommunication fibre

Seismic Monitoring With Distributed Acoustic Sensing From the Near-Surface to the Deep Oceans

Mid-infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer based on metamaterial lateral cladding suspended silicon waveguides

Distributed Raman Amplification for Fiber Nonlinearity Compensation in a Mid-Link Optical Phase Conjugation System

Time-expanded phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry

Time-expanded phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry

Role of the quintic nonlinear refractive term in the stability of dissipative solitons of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Technologies and Applications of Telecommunications Engineering for our colleague David González Andrade.

Toward White light emission from hybrid nanostructures

A team coordinated by the CSIC turns La Palma's fiber optic cabling into a network of sensors to monitor the activity of the volcano

Virtual transparency in ϕ-OTDR using second order Raman amplification and pump modulation

Broadband Fourier-transform silicon nitride spectrometer with wide-area multiaperture input
A scientific team made up of researchers from France, Canada and Spain have just published a paper in which they show a new on-chip broadband Fourier transform spectrometer[...]

Quadratic phase coding for SNR improvement in time-expanded phase-sensitive OTDR

Distortion of the local density of states in a plasmonic cavity by a quantum emitter
Under certain conditions, when light falls on a metal surface, the valence electrons of the metal can couple with the electromagnetic fields of the incident radiation, giving rise[...]

Competition Effects During Femtosecond Laser Induced Element Redistribution Between Ba and La in Laser Written Waveguides
A team of researchers with the participation of the Institute of Optics has published an article in which they describe the mutual blocking effect between particles of the[...]

Deep Silicon Amorphization Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses up to the Mid-Infrared
Scientists from the Institute of Optics (Laser Processing Group), from the Universidad Aix-Marseilley and del Department of Applied Physics of the Autonomous University[...]

Participation of the researcher Aitor Villafranca in the pride
This year the researcher from the Optical Institute Aitor Villafranca moderated the round table of the online conference entitled "La ciencia contra el VIH, todes contra la serofobia". In[...]

The effect of annealing temperature on Cu2ZnGeSe4 thin films and solar cells grown on transparent substrates
A group of scientists from Germany and Spain have just published an article that studies the optimization of the manufacturing conditions of semi-transparent solar cells of Cu2 ZnGeSe4[...]

Experimental Coexistence Investigation of Distributed Acoustic Sensing and Coherent Communication Systems

Vapor-solid growth ZnO:ZrO2 micro and nanocomposites
Scientists from the Institute of Optics and the Department of Materials Physics of the Complutense University of Madrid have just published an article in which they describe how[...]

Sub-250 fs passively mode-locked ultralong ring fibre oscillators

High-performance on-chip silicon beamsplitter based on subwavelength metamaterials for enhanced fabrication tolerance
In this work, a new light beam splitter for high performance silicon photonic chips has been designed and experimentally tested, incorporating a sub-wavelength metamaterial in a symmetric Y-junction. This[...]

New Advancement in Nanophotonics Explains How Hot Nanoparticle Assemblies Cool Down
A study with the participation of the Institute of Optics provides new knowledge about the way in which sets of nanoparticles exchange heat by radiation with each other[...]

Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Eigenmodes

Silicon photonic on-chip spatial heterodyne Fourier transform spectrometer exploiting the Jacquinot’s advantage
Infrared spectrometers allow the identification of certain molecules and chemical compounds through the interaction of infrared radiation and matter. In these optical systems, some wavelengths of the infrared[...]

Current status and future developments of the ion beam installation at the Madrid materials microanalysis center

Particle accelerators

A particle accelerator is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to accelerate charged particles to high speeds, and thus make them collide with other particles[...]

A new fiber optic sensor monitors train tracks, water and gas pipelines with high resolution
A team from the IO-CSIC led by researchers from the University of Alcalá (UAH), in collaboration with scientists from the Universitat Jaume I de Castellón, have developed a[...]

JAE Offer Introductory introduction to research entitled "New active plasmonic metasurfaces based on phase change nanostructures"
Ref: JAEINT21_EX_0703 Training plan offered by researcher Rosalia Serna Galán and entitled: New active plasmonic metasurfaces based on phase change nanostructures Deadline: April 12 2021 Meta-surfaces based on metal-dielectric nanostructures[...]

JAE Offer Introductory introduction to research entitled "Application of distributed sensing techniques in multicore fibers"
Ref: JAEINT21_EX_0574 Training plan offered by the researcher Pedro Corredera and entitled: Application of distributed sensing techniques in multicore fibers The multi-core optical fiber (multicore -MC) has a set of[...]

Laser-Empowered Random Metasurfaces for White Light Printed Image Multiplexing

Image multiplexing

Image multiplexing (the combination of information from several images into one) is a technique with potential application in the encryption of information or the security[...]

Tuning Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Intensity Enhancement Using Hexagonal Lattice Arrays of Gold Nanodisks

A CSIC team develops an ultra-long pulsed laser with multiple applications in science and industry
An international team with the participation of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has achieved the first fiber laser that achieves high energies and peak powers in[...]

Distributed Sensors Assisted by Modulated First-Order Raman Amplification
Distributed fiber optic sensors (DOFS) have been receiving increasing interest in recent years, as they provide unique capabilities to monitor different physical parameters such as displacement, temperature, pressure,[...]

Anisotropic resistivity surfaces produced in ITO films by laser-induced nanoscale self-organization
In the presented article, surfaces with highly resistivity anisotropic have been produced. In the process indium tin oxide (ITO) sheets have been irradiated with a[...]

Evolution of whispering gallery modes in Li-doped ZnO hexagonal micro-and nanostructures
In this work it was investigated the formation of optical cavities in Li doped ZnO nanostructures, which were grown by the vapor-solid method by which long micro and[...]

Waveguide tapers fabrication by femtosecond laser induced element redistribution in glass
The work presents the fabrication and subsequent performance of waveguide tapes achieved by the action of a femtosecond laser on a modified phosphate glass. More particularly, it is demonstrated[...]

The IST spectral portraits of the first order doubly periodic solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Nonlinear systems

The linearity of a system allows researchers to make certain mathematical assumptions and approximations, allowing easier calculation of the results. Since nonlinear systems are not[...]

VII Edition of the Justiniano Casas Prize for Research in Optical Imaging for Dr. Mario García Lechuga
Dr. Mario García Lechuga has won the first prize of the VII Edition of the Justiniano Casas Prize for Research in Optical Imaging, for the work related to[...]

Anomalous relative intensity noise transfer in ultralong random fiber lasers
The paper presents for the first time an experimental demonstration of RIN noise transfer dampening at low frequencies in random distributed feedback ultralong Raman fibre lasers based[...]

Common path dual-frequency spectroscopy using a single electro-optical modulator
Double frequency comb spectroscopy using electro-optical comb generators is the most accurate tool for measuring laser frequencies today and stands out for its flexibility, easy implementation and low[...]

Generation, control and erasure of dual LIPSS in germanium with fs and ns laser pulses
Laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) can readily be fabricated in virtually all types of materials and benefit from an efficient parallel patterning strategy that exploits self-organization. The wide[...]

Transforming fiber optics on the seabed into a seismic network to detect earthquakes
This summer, a group of researchers from the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona, the Instituto de Óptica (IO-CSIC), the Universidad Alcalá de Henares (UAH) in[...]

Francesca Gallazzi's thesis defense on May 18
Next Monday 18th May at 10h Francesca Gallazzi will defend at the University of Alcalá de Henares her thesis "Ultralong continuous wave and ultrafast fibre lasers at telecommunication[...]

Start of the FOCUSIS project by Camilo Florian Baron and the LPG
We are glad to announce the beginning of the project "Focal volume Control Using Structured Illumination Sources - FOCUSIS" funded by an Individual Fellowship Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions of[...]

10 month contract offer on the GPL
The Laser Processing Group (LPG) of the Institute of Optics of the CSIC offers a 10-month full-time contract, associated to a European FET ILP Project of the H2020[...]

Distributed sensing of microseisms with submarine dark fibers
A work coordinated by Hugo Martins, researcher Juan de la Cierva of the nonlinear Dynamics and Optical Fibers group of the institute has been published in Nature Communications.


The CSIC joins the Salamanca Science Week with the exhibition ‘A Universe of Light’ at the Casa de las Conchas
The director of the Instituto de Óptica "Daza de Valdés", Juan Diego Ania Castañón and the institutional delegate of the CSIC in Castilla y León, Mar Siles, inaugurated[...]

Imitating the morphology of animals and plants for improving materials

Scientists in the European project LiNaBioFluid have researched the microstructures that give amazing qualities to animals and plants. These microstructures can be reproduced by laser on several materials[...]

Distributed detection of hydrogen and deuterium diffusion into a single-mode optical fiber with chirped-pulse phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry

An ultra-sensitive aptasensor on optical fibre for the direct detection of bisphenol A

Towards faster and more efficient memory devices in Science paper
An international team with the participation of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has shown that a transition in the chemical bonding mechanism facilitates the storage of[...]

The Real Academia de Ciencias has awarded the Ramón y Cajal Medal 2019 to Susana Marcos
The researcher of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) Susana Marcos has been awarded by the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences with the Santiago[...]

An international team led by IO researchers develop a portable biosensor capable of detecting Bisphenol A at very low concentrations
An international team of researchers from the Nonlinear Dynamics and Optical Fibers Group Thomas Allsop (first author) and Juan Diego Ania Castañón, has developed a fiber optic plasmonic[...]

Low-dimensional nano-patterned surface fabricated by direct-write UV-chemically induced geometric inscription technique

ALCYON PHOTONICS: A new IO-CSIC spin-off company to harness the potential of optic chips
ALCYON PHOTONICS is a recently-created spin-off company funded by the seed venture fund BeAble Capital, aiming to bring some the latest developments of the Spanish National Research Council[...]

IO-CSIC announces the winners of the Photon Prize 2018

The institute announces the first call for the new FOTON awards

IO takes part in the national Nanoscience and Technology festival
Prof. Rosalía Serna will impart talks in different schools. The full program can be found at:

Open-Cavity Spun Fiber Raman Lasers with Dual Polarization Output

Javier Solís, new member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza

First Random fiber laser with dual polarization output created at Instituto de Óptica
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  • [...]

    IO participates in the lecture series "La luz como guía del desarrollo de la humanidad" at the Residencia de Estudiantes

    The CSIC presents the exhibition
      This exhibition highlights the applications of light in our daily lives.

      From the first light of the universe to the exciting human visual system, through such phenomena as[...]

    Publication of the book
      Light is essential to understand what surrounds us. It is a basic element of the universe and some essential aspects of this, like life, would not be[...]

    Informative Conference
    Informative lecture on the evolution of communication systems based on visual and light signals along history, with special emphasis on the revolution for the world of telecommunications have[...]

    CIE Global Open Lab Day en el IO-CSIC
    Open day of the Laboratory of Photometry, Radiometry and Optical Fibers with the International Year of Light "

    Hours: 10 am to 14 pm.

    Aimed at professionals in the field[...]

    An international team including members of IO-CSIC develops a new method for secret key exchange using ultralong lasers
    Un equipo internacional con participación de investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ha demostrado la viabilidad de un nuevo método criptográfico para el intercambio seguro de[...]

    Introductory video-presentation of Optics Institute 2015
    Presented the new official introduction video-presentation of Optics.Institute
    It is available in two versions, both are already on YouTube:
    Optics Institute (CSIC), long video (12 "to 1280x720) in Spanish.

    The "Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d" awards a patent of the IO

    Cycle of Conferences: What is light? History of scientific ideas about light

    FEDER funded projects
    Received communication from the Deputy Vice Presidency CSIC Scientific Programming, list of projects with financial support from FEDER.[...]

    Opening ceremony of the International Year of Light 2015 in Spain
      The Committee for the celebration of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 in Spain organises an academic opening ceremony to be held at Poliorama[...]

    High school students of Veritas Institute visited the Institute of Optics
      To mark the declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, high school students of Veritas Institute have visited the Optics[...]

    Ultrafast Lasers: Progress in I+D and Industry Applications
    Technical conference to be held in Madrid, on November 11, 2014, This event is open to collaboration between research groups, research institutes and companies around ultrafast lasers space.[...]

    FOCUS S.L., spin-off of IO-CSIC, finalist at The South Summit
    FOCUS S.L., spin-off de IO-CSIC, has been selected as one of the finalists at The South Summit, the most important meeting between investors and entrepreneurs in southern Europe.


    Enabled the Spanish Portal to celebrate the International Year of the Light 2015
    The December 20, 2013, the United Nations (UN), at its 68th Annual Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. 

    The International Year of Light[...]

    Spanish Committee for celebrating International Year of Light 2015
    The kick-off meeting of the Committee in charge of promoting education and outreach activities for celebrating the International Year of Light in Spain has been held. During 2015,[...]

    2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

    The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the here.[...]

    Seminar from Prof. José Azaña -Thursday 30th


    Thursday, January 30th, 2014, 10:30 


    PhD Defense:

    PhD Viva - Javier Nuño del Campo

    PhD VIVA:


    Defended by: Javier Nuño[...]

    PhD Viva - Massimo Filograno
    PhD VIVA:

    “Development of optical fiber[...]

    XIII Week of Science and Technology (4 to 17 November 2013)
    From 4 to November 17, 2013 is performed the XIII Week of Science and Technology at the IO.

    Scheduled activities are shown in the attached poster.

    CSIC honors IO researchers awarded by other institutions (academic year 2012-13)
    Corredera Guillén; D. Pedro
    Entrepreneurs Fund Awards Repsol Foundation.
    Collect the distinction D. Pedro Corredera representing the[...]

    PhD Thesis Defense - Pedro Salgado Díaz

    PhD Thesis Defense - Félix Rodríguez Barrios