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Ultrafast, Nonlinear and Nanoscale Photonics  
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Non-linear Dynamics & Fiber Optics
Theoretical and experimental studies of nonlinear effects in optical waveguides, with particular emphasis in telecommunication applications and fiber lasers, implementation of novel fiber-optic exploiting nonlinear interactions. Fiber sensors, fiber metrology[...]

Photonics with high energy Ions
Study of the fundamental mechanisms of the electronic damage caused in crystals by high energy heavy ions, and of the modified optical properties of the irradiated materials for novel photonic[...]

Laser Processing Group
Study and development of photonic materials/waveguides and techniques/devices for producing, processing or manipulating photons, by means of nanostructured materials. Understanding fundamental phenomena at the nanometer scale and at the femtosecond[...]

Javier Solís, new Academic in the Royal Science Academy of Zaragoza

First Random fiber laser with dual polarization output created at Instituto de Óptica
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    IO participates in the lecture series "La luz como guía del desarrollo de la humanidad" at the Residencia de Estudiantes

    IO-CSIC participation in the "scientific Weekend" MUNCYT
      The Institute of Optics has participated in the "scientific Weekend", held on 30 and 31 May at the headquarters of the National Museum of Science and Technology[...]

    The CSIC presents the exhibition "A universe of light '
      This exhibition highlights the applications of light in our daily lives.

      From the first light of the universe to the exciting human visual system, through such phenomena as[...]

    Publication of the book
      Light is essential to understand what surrounds us. It is a basic element of the universe and some essential aspects of this, like life, would not be[...]

    Informative Conference
    Informative lecture on the evolution of communication systems based on visual and light signals along history, with special emphasis on the revolution for the world of telecommunications have[...]

    CIE Global Open Lab Day en el IO-CSIC
    Open day of the Laboratory of Photometry, Radiometry and Optical Fibers with the International Year of Light "

    Hours: 10 am to 14 pm.

    Aimed at professionals in the field[...]

    An international team including members of IO-CSIC develops a new method for secret key exchange using ultralong lasers
    Un equipo internacional con participación de investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ha demostrado la viabilidad de un nuevo método criptográfico para el intercambio seguro de[...]

    Introductory video-presentation of Optics Institute 2015
    Presented the new official introduction video-presentation of Optics.Institute

       It is available in two versions, both are already on YouTube: