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Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms
The Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (PTIs) are one of the CSIC's great bets as a mixed instrument for research and innovation, bringing together research teams, administrations and companies to solve together major global challenges of high social and scientific impact.

The PTIs are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for the 2030 Agenda and are integrated with the research missions of the future framework program for research, development and innovation of the European Union (Horizon Europe).

Each platform focuses on solving a specific problem, such as sustainable plastics management, climate prediction, soil fertilization, rural depopulation, achieving better nutrition for healthy aging, sustainable fishing, or quantum techniques for safe and secure communications. more efficient computing.

The Platforms are one of the CSIC's great bets to promote private investigation in collaboration with public research centers to provide solutions to specific problems

IO involvement

The IO is currently participating in two PTIs in different stages of implementation:

Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform TELEDETECT:

The objective of TELEDETECT is to coordinate and integrate the CSIC's remote sensing activities into a common knowledge hub. Create a structure that provides an effective response to the needs of society, industry and administrations. TELEDECT must be a preferential access point to the capabilities of the CSIC in remote sensing, with the participation of 18 research institutes.

Javier Portilla Muelas, Joaquín Campos Acosta, Sergio Barbero Briones and Gabriel Cristobal Pérez from the Department of Imaging Sciences, Vision and Optical Instrumentation participate in this PTI in the project called “Calibration traceable to the SI system and radiometric characterization of equipment of remote sensing.”

They work together with Fernando Aguilar from IFCA on Work Package 5 (Interdisciplinary approaches to processing).

The main objective of this Work Package are data processing techniques, mainly signals and images from remote sensing.
Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform Global Health:

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses one of the greatest challenges facing society in every country in the world. The CSIC has launched an Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI) called Global Health / Salud Global, in which more than 330 research groups from different specialties collaborate to address the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic from the point of view of Science, with the aim of proposing solutions in the short, medium and especially long term.

The IO Laser Processing Group participates in this PTI, with Jose Gonzalo de los Reyes, Rosalía Serna Galán, Jan Siegel and Javier Solís Céspedes in sub-topic 3 A) diagnosis and detection within topic 3 called Containment.

More specifically they participate in the elaboration and nanostructuring of surfaces with plasmonic response for the detection of COVID-19 through SERS spectroscopy and optical methods (surface plasmon resonance) and in the use of micro-nanoelectronic and / or (nano ) useful materials for diagnosis.
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