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Laboratory of Low Pressure
  This laboratory, that is part of the Department of Imaging, Vision and Optical Instrumentation, is mainly involved in the development and application of devices and systems which work under vacuum. Such conditions are defined as any environment where its operating absolute pressure is below the atmospheric pressure. The Laboratory has instrumentation to provide vacuum conditions from 1E-8 Pa (1E-10 mbar) [ultra high vacuum] to 90 kPa (900 mbar) [low vacuum].
  The tasks performed at the Laboratory are as follows:
- Calibration of vacuum gauges: diaphragm, capacitance, thermal conductivity [Pirani], cold cathode ionization, hot cathode ionization [Bayard-Alpert].
Calibration standards
  • Pressure balance [traceability to NPL]
  • Capacitance vacuum gauges [traceability to PTB and NPL]
  • Spinning rotor gauge [traceability to PTB]
  • Hot cathode ionization gauge with high stability [traceability to PTB]
- Calibration of helium and R134a leaks.
Calibration standards
  • Helium permeation leaks [traceability to PTB]
  • Helium leak for sniffer [traceability to PTB]
  • R134a calibrated leak [traceability to PTB]
- Leak detection with helium leak detector. Such technique allows performing non-destructive leak tests on devices that operate at both positive pressure and vacuum.
- Mass spectrometry under vacuum [1-200 amu].
- Study of outgassing rates for various materials.
- Design of systems and devices to operate under vacuum conditions.
- Courses on vacuum technology and leak detection.
The Laboratory also has experience on pressure and leaktightness tests for vessels up to an absolute pressure of 3,5 MPa [35 bar].
The Laboratory is member of the Laboratory Network [RLA] of the Community of Madrid since 2001.
A quality management system according to the UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard is implemented as quality assurance in every calibration procedure performed at the Laboratory.
For any further information contact: Juan Pedro Adrados. 915616800 ext.940331
Leak detection with helium leak detector Calibration system of vacuum gauges
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