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XXIX Introductory Course to Research in Optics April, 25th-26th 2019
April 25-26, 2019
Are you a university student in one of the last two years of studies?
Are you studying a Master in subjects related to Optics and Photonics?
Would you[...]
Course: Procesado automático de imagen microscópica, Ciudad Real, 2019
The objective of the course focuses on the development of the
    theoretical and practical foundations of the processing and analysis
    of images in microscopy.

    The course is focused to researchers[...]
Course "Microscopía y aplicaciones" 2019

II Call for the Course on Microscopy and Applications

The objective of the course focuses on the one hand on the development of the theoretical foundations of the[...]

Course of scientific experiments for teachers
We are organizing an activity especially for teachers of Educación Secundaria and Bachillerato. It consists on a course of scientific experiments named: “Aprendiendo a enseñar Ciencia de forma divertida”. It[...]
Course - Adaptive Optics in Visual Optics and Biophotonics, March 21-22, 2018
Biophotonics is a research area with great technological and social impact, in which different research groups of the CSIC work, such as the Visual and Biophotonics Optics Group of the[...]
Curso sobre Microscopía y Aplicaciones, 7-9 Febrero de 2018
El Instituto de Óptica y la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha organizan un curso sobre Microscopía y Aplicaciones, que se desarrollará del 7 al 9 de febrero.

XXVIII Introductory Course to Research in Optics April, 5th-6th 2018
Interuniversity Master's Degree in Vision Science Research
It is reported that the Institute of Optics, through the Optical Visual and Biophotonic Group, is one of the coordinators of the "Interuniversity Master of Research in Vision Sciences",

Madrid-MIT M+Vision Minicourse on "Optical Imaging: Applications in Ophthalmology"

As part of the Madrid-MIT Vision Consortium JulyMinicourse Series, the Institute of Optics will be offering a course on"Optical Imaging: 

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