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Group description:
The activity of the Laser Processing Group (LPG) focuses on the study of both fundamental and applied aspects of laser-matter interaction aiming at discovering, understanding and controlling laser-matter interaction phenomena down to the nanometer (spatial) and femtosecond (temporal) scales. As a result, we perform internationally relevant research in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology and ultrafast science. The LPG uses state-of-the-art, laser-based technologies and innovative approaches for the production of nano- and meta-materials and innovative and ultrafast processing methods. These are aimed at producing improved materials and devices. The different applications addressed include photonics/ICTs (waveguide integrated lasers or amplifiers, solid state lightening devices, …), sensors (tailored nanostructures for SERS, multifunctional 3D self-organized nanostructures) and fluidics/tribology applications based on biomimetics or self-organization phenomena.
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Investigadores de plantilla / Research staff:
Javier Solís:
Rosalía Serna:
José Gonzalo de los Reyes:
Jan Siegel:
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Associated Staff
- Martínez Orts, Mónica
- Mariscal Jimenez, Antonio
- Cabello Pardos, Mª Pilar Fátima
- Fuentes Edfuf, Yasser
- García Leis, Adianez
- García Pardo, Marina
- Gonzalo de los Reyes, José
- Dias Ponte, Antonio
- Solís Céspedes, Francisco Javier
- Siegel, Jan
- Serna Galán, Rosalía
- Florian Barón, Camilo
- Moreno Zárate, Pedro
- Soria Hernández, Esther
Bespoke photonic devices using ultrafast laser driven ion migration in glasses

Javier Solís, new member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza

Introductory video-presentation of Optics Institute 2015

Ultrafast Lasers: Progress in I+D and Industry Applications

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