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SureVision research project, one of the 10 projects of technology companies supported by CSIC in 2023


  • The Impulsa-T program provides these proposals with 50,000 euros to commercialize their technologies through new knowledge-based companies.

  • His development consists of an instrument capable of assessing eye prescription 2 times more accurately and 5 times faster and without the need to identify letters and try different lenses.

Madrid / January 18, 2024

The SureVision project of our colleague from the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Group, Víctor Rodríguez, has been one of the 10 projects selected by the Impulsa-T program, focused on the promotion and development of business ideas originated in the CSIC.

The objective of the program is to promote the creation of Knowledge-Based Companies (KBE) that can commercialize the technologies and knowledge developed by the company.

These companies not only represent outstanding ways of bringing scientific advances to the market, but also play an essential role in technological maturation and the generation of highly qualified employment.

SureVision is a research project that consists of the development of a new instrument to evaluate refractive error, that is, the amount of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia in the human eye, conditions that affect more than 2/3 of the world’s population, and 100% over the age of 50.

SureVision ophthalmic instrument

The core of our value proposition is a new ophthalmic instrument capable of providing a visual prescription more accurately and in less time than the traditional method, improving the patient experience, giving the clinician more time and increasing the reliability of the result. SureVision is based on a new and disruptive method, called Direct Subjective Refraction, which uses a rapid and periodic change of focus through an opto-adjustable lens and a color test, so that the task is to minimize the chromatic flicker caused by this focus change. It is the first method that does not rely on traditional letter identification to obtain the prescription. SureVision allows the prescription to be obtained 2x more accurately and 5x faster than the traditional method, where the patient performs a simple and easy to understand task autonomously.

Drastically reducing measurement time means increased access to a simple graduation in less populated areas, where the main problem is the shortage of professionals to perform the measurements. On the other hand, a reduction in patient measurement time translates into greater resource efficiency: the clinician can measure more patients and/or perform other additional tests, which are not currently performed due to lack of time, and thus provide a complete examination to detect other visual disorders. In addition, both advantages, both increased accuracy and increased time available to the practitioner, are quantifiable activities in economic terms by clinics, potentially increasing the profit obtained from a visit.

Thanks to the help of IMPULSA-T, we want to focus on the following objectives:
1) Advancing scientific and clinical knowledge of the new evaluation method.
2) Development of the first functional prototype.
3) Explore the possibilities of commercial exploitation.

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