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Our partner Raquel Fernández de Cabo in the IV ed. “I investigate. I am CSIC”

Óptica Guiada No-Lineal y en la Nanoescala (N2GO)-en

  • Raquel Fernández belongs to the group of Non-Linear and Nanoscale Guided Optics (N2GO)

Madrid / 10 de March de 2023

Our colleague Raquel Fernández de Cabo has presented a video explaining her line of research in the fourth edition of the informative video contest “Yo Investigo. Yo soy CSIC”
The contest’s objectives are to bring science closer to society, promote scientific vocations, encourage scientific communication, and disseminate the research work of the CSIC.

Video abstract

Technology has become smaller and smaller thanks to the miniaturization of electronic circuits. But this has pushed microelectronics to a limit where the signal is distorted, systems overheat, and energy consumption skyrockets.
To solve this problem, electronic chips could be replaced by photonic chips that use light. The wires inside these photonic chips are small rectangular optical fibers, 100 times thinner than a single hair. These wires can transmit large amounts of data at the speed of light using different light wavelengths, or “colors”. In these photonic chips, we need components that allow us to manipulate the light inside them. So, to achieve high-performance components, we use sub-wavelength metamaterials: discontinuous wires composed of two different materials.

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