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Alejandro Ferrero Turrión, awarded the DfwG-Fellow 2021 by the German Society for Color Science and Application (DFwG)

20 Oct, 2021 | Metrología-en, Metrología-en

The German Society for Color Science and Application (DfwG) has awarded the 2021 “DfwG Fellow” to Alejandro Ferrero Turrión for his international contribution to the science of color from the Institute of Optics, in the group “Optical Radiation Measurements”, in particular in the development of experimental methods in the field of gonio-spectrophotometry and goniochromatism.

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Alejandro Ferrero has been recognized for successfully applying modern measurement methods and multivariate analysis mathematical tools to photometric and radiometric problems, especially in the study of the appearance of iridescent surfaces, such as coatings with special effect pigments used in the automotive industry.

Proof of work is his participation in more than 60 scientific articles, half of them as first author.

The award also acknowledges his contribution to the success of the European research projects xD-Reflect, BiRD and BxDiff, of the EURAMET EMRP and EMPIR programs.

Alejandro Ferrero also participates in the CIE (International Lighting Commission), in the technical committees TC 2 -85 “Recommendation on the Geometric parameters for the measurement of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF)”, and finally in the JTC 12″ Gloss measurement “, in the latter as coordinator.

What is goniospectrometry

The automatic evaluation of the color properties of some materials or some paints is difficult today. How to measure, for example, the metallic appearance of a car paint? In the same way that certain instruments measure the color of objects, there are other perceptual aspects whose measurement is currently the object of investigation, such as brightness, iridescence, texture or translucency.
A gonio spectrometer is an instrument that measures the light that a surface reflects for the different directions of incidence and reflection, in such a way that it allows to predict the appearance of an object for different lighting and observation conditions.

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