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“Workshop on BTDF measurement” seminar

29 Apr, 2022 | Metrología-en

On April 26, the CSIC held the seminar “Workshop on BTDF measurement” in which common problems and solutions for the measurement of diffuse transmittance of translucent materials and their angular and spatial distribution are discussed.

The instruments and facilities that are being developed for the improvement of this magnitude are presented. This seminar is organized by the Physikalische Technische Bundesalstat of Germany and the CSIC Institute of Optics and has 35 attendees in person and 8 remotely.

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PTB, el logo de Physikalische Technische Bundesalstat
It is one of the activities of the project “New quantities for the measurement of appearance” (18SIB03 BxDiff) of the European metrology program EMPIR, coordinated by the CNAM of France, in which, in addition to those mentioned, another 5 Finnish National Metrology Laboratories participate. , Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, three universities and 4 companies.

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