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Thursday, April 25, scientific coffee with Juan Pedro Adrados

Divulgación, Óptica para el espacio e iones de alta energía (GOLDION)

Madrid / April 11, 2024

The first scientific coffee this spring will be on April 25 with the talk “In vacuum through time (without black holes)” given by our colleague Juan Pedro Adrados Encinas from the GOLDION group at 11 a.m. in the meeting room. conferences, followed by a coffee at the club+terrace.

Summary of the talk

The term vacuum has various meanings, but specifically within the scientific-technological field it is defined as “that environment in which its pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure.” Consequently, this requirement goes against nature at the level of the earth’s surface. Over the centuries, humans have managed to master this unnatural condition, which has led to developments for multiple applications ranging from milking stations to sophisticated projects aimed at replicating nuclear fusion in a controlled way. Evolution over time developed by scientists and thinkers from ancient times to the present day will be presented. Both famous names in the history of Science and other less known names will be mentioned, which also deserve our recognition.

In addition, a replica of some demonstration carried out in the past will be carried out to understand the effect of vacuum production.

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