Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Sixth edition of the Foton Awards for scientific communication and teaching


  • If you are a science communicator or educator who has done some work related to optics or photonics throughout 2022, don't hesitate. Participate!
  • Presentation of candidacies: Until April 15

Madrid / 25 de January de 2023

The various technologies based on light are protagonists today with applications in very diverse fields such as X-rays, vision care, radiotherapy, communications, photography and cinema, solar panels, lighting led, microscopes…

If you disseminate science in the media or work in education and have carried out an initiative related to optics or photonics in 2022, you have until April 15, 2023 to submit your candidacy to the VI edition of the Foton Awards for Scientific Communication and Teaching at School.

The “Daza de Valdés” Institute of Optics, in collaboration with the Spanish Optics Society, awards the Foton Awards each year to recognize, promote and promote the work of scientific communication and teaching in the fields of optics and photonics.
The awards consist of two categories: ‘Emitted Photon’, dedicated to scientific communication, and ‘Absorbed Photon’, dedicated to teaching.

Text "Photon Awards 2023" in the center of what could be a sun from which groups of rays of different lengths of the colors of the rainbow come out
Logos of the ministries, CSIC and the Institute of Optics together with the sponsors Secpho, Sedoptica, Education 3.0 and the International Day of Light

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