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Posthumous tribute to Leonardo Villena and recognition of merit in metrology

6 Jun, 2022 | Divulgación

On May 30, our colleague Sergio Barbero participated in a conference in memory of Leonardo Villena organized by the Metrology Committee of the Spanish Institute of Engineering (IIES), which could not be held in 2020.

His work, prestige and his teaching, was fundamental in the development and diffusion of Metrology in Spain. For this reason, prominent people from institutions related to metrology, quality, castles, universities, etc., will remember him on this day as a metrologist, researcher and person.
Without good metrology, all the indicators related to pollution levels, air and water quality, evolution of climate change, etc. are unknown. Leonardo Villena was a person who did a lot for Metrology in Spain. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without recognition of the people who make it possible.
After Leonardo Villena’s IN MEMORIAM session, the Recognition of Merit in Metrology will be awarded, which will be awarded for the first time in 2022.
Both the Session and the delivery of the Recognition are sponsored by the Mutual Society of Engineering Foundation and the company SERVINCAL, from Valladolid.

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