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One year has passed since the publication of the English translation of the book “Discovering the light. Fun Optics Experiments”

7 Jun, 2022 | Divulgación

In one year, 6,600 copies of the English translation of the book “Discovering Light. Fun optics experiments” written in 2018 by young researchers linked to IO and/or the IOPTICA Student Chapter Congratulations! In just 1 year, it has become one of the most downloaded articles from SPIE, the largest publisher of Optics texts in the world.

At the end of 2018, the CSIC and the Catarata publishing house presented the book ”Discovering the light. Fun Optics Experiments”

This book, written by a team of young scientists from the Institute of Optics, aims to answer questions such as: What is light? What is an optical instrument? How is the eye like an optical instrument? How do we explain human vision? and bring the reader closer to the exciting world of optics and photonics.
The book is written in an informative way, aimed at the general public, but with special emphasis on students of all levels of Secondary Education and presents a wide variety of experiments related to the different optical phenomena and instruments, where the steps to follow. All these experiments are preceded by the explanation of the concepts necessary for their realization and interpretation, and accompanied by numerous illustrations and curiosities.

Últimas noticias

Last year, the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) published together with the Optics Society Foundation (OSAF) and the CSIC the English translation of the book that can also be download free at this link

After a year the results have been presented and they have been good, with about 6600 downloads of the book and more than 100 printed sales.

The content of this book has also been used to record videos of the experiments offered on the Ciudad’s workshop website Science.

This new online format allows the experiments to be seen from the homes of whoever wants and can repeat them at home.
In addition to watching the videos, the platform also offers the possibility of requesting the workshop in person at schools or similar through the CiudadCiencia project.

Cover of the book "Discovering light"

Discovering the light. Fun optics experiments (Editorial Catarata, 2018)
Sara Aissati (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Xoana Barcala (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Clara Benedí (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Camilo Florian (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Francesca Gallazzi (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Mario García (LP3/CNRS Marseille), Juan Luis García (ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona), Rocío Gutiérrez (IO-CSIC, Madrid), Juan Luis Méndez (UKB, Bohn), Roberta Morea (SM Optics, Milan), Javier Nuño (UAH, Madrid), Pablo Pérez (FJD, Madrid), Daniel Puerto (Ílice Photonics, Aspe), María Viñas (IO-CSIC, Madrid).

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