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Awarded the project “AI for complex systems” in which our colleague Marcelo Bertalmío participates

3 Aug, 2022 | Ciencias de la imagen-en

Our colleague Marcelo Bertalmío participates in the new AI4CS project on new artificial intelligence methods

The AI4CS (AI for complex systems: Brain, Earth, Climate, Society) project, now funded by the Valencian Community within the PROMETEO 2022 program, aims to develop new artificial intelligence methods to model and understand complex systems and, more specifically, visual capabilities of the brain, Earth systems and climate, and biosphere-anthroposphere interactions.
Machine learning models from the last decade have limitations that will be addressed by the team to design new algorithms with the long-term goal of algorithms being able to discover insights from data, a springboard before the more ambitious end goal of the Automatic reasoning in the science of complex systems.

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Scheme of the different objectives of the project
The researchers integrated in AI4CS are led by the Image and Signal Processing group (ISP) of the University of Valencia, and several outstanding researchers from different institutions join together to collaborate actively together. The AI4CS research team is made up of 13 senior researchers. In addition, the ISP includes the help of 5 assistant professors who support key research activities.

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