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Computational simulations and optical bench measurements to predict chromatic aberration after cataract surgery

11 Apr, 2022 | VioBio-en

Do you know what chromatic aberration is?

Chromatic aberration is the effect whereby the characteristics of an optical system depend on wavelength. Thus, in the human eye, it can be seen that there is a power difference of about 2 D between blue and red. When an introcular lens is implanted in cataract surgery, this chromatic aberration changes. In addition, there are new diffractive intraacular lens designs that modulate chromatic aberration and can cancel it at some distances.

In this study, the longitudinal chromatic aberration (LCA) measured in patients implanted with different intraocular lens designs is compared with the predictions made with computational models or with the characterization of these lenses in optical benches. For this study, psychophysical measurement data from 63 patients with four different intraocular lenses have been compiled to demonstrate how calculations performed computationally or on an optical bench can be related to in vivo measurement for different designs and materials.

Chromatic aberration

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The article is a collaborative work between the CSIC Institute of Optics, the Harvard Wellman Center for Photomedicine, 2EyesVision, BVI Medical, the Department of Optometry and Vision of the UCM, Miranza IOA and the Institute of Optics of the University of Rochester

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