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Postdoctoral contract offer of 18 months extendable to 24 months from the Optical Radiation Measurements research group (GIMRO)

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  • Contact: Alejandro Ferrero Turrión (

Madrid / 27 de January de 2023

The research group on Optical Radiation Measurements (GIMRO) of the Institute of Optics “ Daza de Valdés” from the CSIC offers an 18-month postdoctoral contract extendable to 24 months, full-time, for immediate incorporation.

The contract is associated with the project “Evaluation of the optical properties of materials and glazing systems for energy efficiency and daylight control in buildings”, which has been subsidized by the call for “Transition-Oriented Strategic Projects Ecology and the Digital Transition” funded by the EU.

A photograph showing a glass building on the left and the sun on the right
Project objectives:

“The baseline hypothesis of the project is that the connection of the present state of the art in the reflectance and transmittance measurements with the present simulation software could improve the energy efficiency in buildings. The general objective is to evaluate the impact of using more detailed spectrophotometric data of glazing materials and systems on the optimization of the energy efficiency and daylighting of buildings.

· Identification of key glazing materials and systems and selection of samples. It implies the selection of the types of glazing materials and systems most representative in building construction.

· Implementation of the procedures at the available goniospectrophotomer for bidirectional transmittance distribution function (BTDF) and bidirectional scattering – surface reflectance distribution function (BSSRDF) measurements and upgrade for an extended spectral range (from 1.7 µm up to 2.5 µm).

· Accomplishment of the measurements.

· Mathematical modeling of reflectance and transmittance from measurements based on phenomenological and multivariate models for implementation in simulation software.

· Making available database of bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) and BTDF for building.”


To carry out this project, a person who meets the following requirements as much as possible is needed:

· Doctor’s degree, and preferably in Physical Sciences.

· Experience in optical characterization of materials, and in applications related to the environment and energy saving.

· Experience in programming for data acquisition and processing, preferably with Matlab.

· Initiative and leadership skills.


Contact: Alejandro Ferrero Turrión

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