Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Wednesday, January 25 scientific coffee with Paloma López Reyes

Divulgación, Óptica para el espacio e iones de alta energía (GOLDION)

Madrid / January 12, 2024

The year begins with the Scientific Coffee entitled “The Universe beyond the visible”. This talk will be given by Paloma López Reyes, from the Thin Film Optics Group (GOLD). It will take place on Thursday, January 25 at 11:00h in the Conference Room. Afterwards, there will be a coffee at the Club+terraza.

Summary of talk
By observing the universe through the far ultraviolet (UVL) we can reveal invisible objects. However, observations in UVL face significant technical challenges due to the absorption of this radiation even by air.Our group, GOLD, specializes in optical coatings for UVL. In the talk, I will explore technological improvements for these optics, with examples that will travel to space. I will also show how these coatings can contribute to the detection of dark matter, one of the enigmas of the 21st century.

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