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Visit of scientists from the IO-CSIC to the CEIP Ramiro de Maeztu


Madrid / February 21, 2024

This year February 11 fell on a Sunday, so on Monday the 12th a group of researchers from the Optical Institute (María Viñas, Raquel Fernández, Elena Moreno and Gabriel Cristóbal) visited the Ramiro de Maeztu school to organize a children’s workshop in which the concepts of light diffraction, microscopy and the figure of Rosalind Franklin with the history of her photography 51 would be taught with experiments and demonstrations.

Two young women and a man pose on either side of a projection of the cover of Rosalind Franklin's talk
From left to right, Elena Moreno, María Viñas and Gabriel Cristóbal / Institute of Optics
María Viñas pointing to a drawing by Rosalind Franklin
María Viñas / Institute of Optics
DNA is the basis of life, and yet, until recently it was largely unknown. In 1952, Rosalind Franklin using X-ray diffraction obtained Photograph 51, thus identifying the helical structure of DNA. This workshop has allowed us to highlight the role that Rosalind Franklin played in her discovery and to illustrate the foundations of these techniques through simple light diffraction experiments.
In addition, demonstrations of different types of diffraction were also carried out with both monochromatic and polychromatic light.
Two young women surrounded by little boys and girls at a table showing an optical experiment with a beam of white light
Raquel Fernández / Institute of Optics
There was also a demonstration of different types of microscopy with very interesting samples for the boys and girls.
For this occasion, the workshop organizing team also prepared a set of cards or letters with information from different scientists at the Institute of Optics to serve as a reference for future scientific careers.
4 cards showing the name and photo of 4 scientists from the Institute of Optics

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