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Thursday, November 30, scientific coffee with Fátima Cabello Pardos

Divulgación, LPG-en

Madrid / November 22, 2023

The last Scientific Café of the year will be next Thursday, November 30, in which Fátima Cabello Pardos from the Laser Processing group will give a talk titled “Interrogating materials with light” at 11 a.m. in the conference room, followed of a coffee at the club+terrace.

Summary of the talk
Interrogating a material that does not speak is not easy, but if we shed light on the matter, things change. What optical properties of materials can we discover? How are they studied? In this talk we will address these and other questions, we will explain the benefits offered by the SCOM optical characterization service of the GPL laser processing group and we will share some technical experiences that are sometimes not told in academic articles.

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