Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

The Institute of Optics “Daza de Valdés” in The Adventure of Knowledge of RTVE


  • This podcast comes out every other Saturday Presented by Ángel Sánchez Manglanos.

  • The program deals with the extensive and valuable work carried out by the Higher Council for Scientific Research since its foundation in 1939.

Madrid / May 31, 2023

From the Institute of Optics “Daza de Valdés” we want to share the podcast made by Ángel Sánchez Manglanos dedicated to our institute on April 22 as part of the La Aventura del Conocimiento program, dedicated to the research work of the different institutes that make up the CSIC.

In the program the structure of the institute has been described and a recent important discovery of the institute has also been mentioned, in which it can be reversing the heat transfer from a hot nanoparticle to a cold one by modifying the rotation of the particles.

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