Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Call for postdoctoral research position for developing a novel machine learning framework based on vision and neuroscience

Ciencias de la imagen-en, convocatorias

  • Send application letter, CV and contact information of 3 academic references to:

  • Successful candidates must hold a PhD degree in Vision Science, Mathematics, Computer Science or a
    related discipline.

Madrid / 8 de noviembre de 2023


Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) use as neuron elements an extremely simplified abstraction of how biological neurons work. In a recent article we have proposed a novel type of neuron model that is more biologically plausible, called the intrinsically nonlinear receptive field (INRF):

We have proved that ANNs with INRF modules have a remarkably improved performance: they generalize better, they are more robust to adversarial attacks, and they need much less data for training.
The main goal of this position is to further develop the framework of ANNs based on the INRF formulation.
The work will involve performing interdisciplinary research in vision science and machine learning, and it will be supervised by Marcelo Bertalmío in the Instituto de Óptica, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in Madrid:

This is a full-time position associated with a recent grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science, with an annual salary of up to 38K€ and a contract duration of one year, and the estimated starting date is Jan 1st, 2024.

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