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Talk by Marcelo Bertalmío at the conference “Bio-Inspired Systems: Practical Applications”

20 May, 2022 | Ciencias de la imagen-en

Next Monday, May 23, our colleague Marcelo Bertalmío is going to give a talk at the Spanish Institute of Engineering, at the Conference “Bio-Inspired Systems: Practical Applications

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In the advancement of engineering, a large part of the technical solutions have resulted from the observation of the resources found in nature and in particular in biology.
Currently there are several very active fields of research inspired by neurological behavior and in particular the modes of sensory perception of living beings.
One of the lines of research is related to neural networks and in particular their specific form of implementation in their electronic version. In this particular practical applications within the Spanish industry will be seen.
Another line of research explores vision and the processing of visual information. In this case, image processing will be explored from a more precise and closer approach to biological vision. The underlying principles in these biological mechanisms allow the adoption of these technologies in film correction and post-production.
With a different approach, we will also approach neuromorphic systems that seek to reproduce the physical mechanisms of biological functioning that determine perception, particularly visual perception.

This Conference will deal with aspects related to:

  1. Basic introduction to AI/ML and neural networks
  2. Basic models
  3. Electronic implementation
  4. Practical applications
  5. An approach to the models of vision and visual perception
  6. Models of biological vision and impact on image processing applied to cinema.
  7. Neuromorphic sensors
  8. Architecture and behavior.
  9. Applications
Welcome to the attendees and presentation of the Conference.
Mr. José Trigueros. President of the Institute of Engineering of Spain.
D. Javier de la Plaza. President of the Inventiveness and Creativity Committee of the IIE.

Redes Neuronales Electrónicas.
D. Bonifacio Martín-del-Brio. Director de la Cátedra SICE – Universidad de Zaragoza.

Modelos de visión biológica para el procesamiento de imágenes aplicado a cine.
D. Marcelo Bertalmío. Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”- CSIC.

Sistemas neuromórficos.
D. Pedro Zucarello. Responsable del Teach Lead, Instituto Tecnológico de Informática.

19:35 Coloquio moderador por: D. Javier de la Plaza. Presidente del Comité de Inventiva y Creatividad del IIE.

19:45 Clausura de la jornada

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