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Thursday, October 26, scientific coffee with Pablo Santafé Gabarda

Divulgación, Metrología-en

Madrid / October 13, 2023

The next talk of the IO Scientific Cafés will be next Thursday, October 26 at 11:00 a.m. in the conference room at Serrano, 121 and is titled “The architecture of light” thanks to our colleague Pablo Santafé Gabarda, after the which attendees will enjoy a coffee on the club-terrace.

Summary of the talk
What is light? How does it interact with objects? Can we use this knowledge to improve daily activities and contribute to progress?
In this talk we will address these questions, explaining in a simple way the nature of light, and the way in which it acts on objects and human beings. In addition, we will give examples of how light is controlled today to increase energy efficiency or design more pleasant spaces.

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