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Automatic microscopic image processing course 2024

Ciencias de la imagen-en, Cursos

Madrid / December 20, 2023

The deadline to register for the next edition of the online course on Automatic Microscopic Image Processing 2024 is now open from May 8 to 10.

The objective of the course focuses on the development of both theoretical and practical foundations of image processing in microscopy.

The course is aimed at researchers and students interested in the knowledge and implementation of microscopic image processing techniques.

The approach intended to be given to the course is mainly practical, and for this the free distribution software ImageJ/ will be used.
Fiji both in the preprocessing and intermediate or advanced analysis stages. The “macros” language that allows
carry out specific tasks on specific problems.

No programming knowledge required. There will be a part of analysis of practical cases for those students who wish to do so and bring their samples and images. Different problems associated with samples of interest in Biology, Biomedicine and the Environment will be analyzed.

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