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Incorporation of Esther Enríquez Pérez to the Institute of Optics

9 Feb, 2022 | GOLDION, Uncategorized

This February she joined the Esther Enríquez Pérez Institute of Optics

Esther Enríquez Pérez has a strongly multidisciplinary profile, focusing on the search for new functional coatings by modifying their microstructure and analyzing their correlation with new properties.

Her career is strongly oriented towards the transfer of knowledge to industry, providing a broader vision of science and its possible applications.

She has joined the Thin Film Optics Group (GOLD)

Una energía más baja conduce a una fase de TiO2 con una menor contribución de TiN, mientras que una fluencia más alta produce una mayor cantidad de TiN .
Esther Enríquez Pérez

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