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Imaging and Vision  
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Visual Optics & Biophotonics - Development of imaging techniques for the in vivo assessment of[...]

Image Science - Development of image processing techniques and study and analysis of[...]

Spanish Committee for celebrating International Year of Light 2015
The kick-off meeting of the Committee in charge of promoting education and outreach activities for celebrating the International Year of Light in Spain has been held. During 2015,[...]

2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the

El ensayo púbilco tendrá lugar el [...]

Optics and Photonics News (OSA) selects “Eye Biometry Using Quantitative 3-D OCT” as “Best of Optics 2013″

Optics and Photonics News December special issue highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months. The BOE paper on “Full OCT[...]

@ERC_Research – @NSF Initiative for Career Awardees and Postdoctoral Fellows @VioBio_Lab

The European Research Council-National Science Foundation has relaunched the second edition of the initiative for research visits to laboratories founded by the European Research Council (ERC), addressed to NSF Career Awardees and[...]

ERC Advanced Grant PRESBYOPIA Project featured in European Research Council video
Susana Marcos discusses with two other investigators the benefits and prospects of ERC funded research, in a video filmed by the European Research Council in Madrid.


Interview on Presbyopia on the Spanish National Television
Susana Marcos was interviewed live yesterday on Presbyopia on TVE2 (Para todos la 2). The discussion included explanations on crystalline accommodation and aging, and presbyopia corrections,  for a[...]

XIII Week of Science and Technology (4 to 17 November 2013)


Pablo de Gracia PhD, defensa tesis doctoral " Vision under manipulated aberrations towards improved multifocal corrections", 11 Octubre

Pablo de Gracia PhD, defenderá su tesis doctoral en " Vision under manipulated aberrations towards improved multifocal corrections" en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (PhD Supervisor: Susana[...]

Conferencia sobre Daza de Valdés
El próximo martes 24 de septiembre, a las 11:30, D. Javier Jiménez Benito, especialista en la vida y obra de Daza de Valdés,impartirá una conferencia[...]

CSIC press release on PLOS ONE publication on visual code for blur
Each person has his/her own internal visual code forblur, with matches the optical imperfections of the eye. Complete press release at:[...]

Lucie Sawides PhD, defense on "Correction and control of ocular aberrations with adaptive optics: Effects on human vision" , July 26

Lucie Sawides will defend his PhD thesis on "Correction and control of ocular aberrations with adaptive optics: Effects on human vision" at the University of[...]

Susana Marcos, elected a second term Biomedical Optics Express Associate Editor
The Optical Society of America Board of Directors hasunanimously elected Susana Marcos for a second three-year term as AssociateEditor of Biomedical[...]

Alberto de Castro, Awarded the PhD Thesis Extraordinary Award.
Alberto de Castro, Awarded the PhD Thesis ExtraordinaryAward Alberto de Castro has received a PhD Thesis Extraordinary Award from theUniversity of[...]

Collaboration Agreement signed with School of Optometry/Optometry Clinic Universidad Complutense de Madrid.



M+Vision Eye Project Subward signed with MIT and Fundacion Madri+d

Sergio Ortiz PhD defense on Quantitative Anterior Segment OCT, December 14

Sergio Ortiz will defend his PhD thesis on “Quantitative Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography” at the University of Valladolid (PhD Supervisor: Susana Marcos).

A general practice will be conducted[...]

Susana Marcos, elected Director at Large of the Optical Society of America
OSA announced yesterday (Oct 16)  the results of its annual election at itsBusiness Meeting held in Rochester,[...]

CSIC Press release on Instituto de Optica study on adaptation to astigmatism

Presentation of the book on "Jose Maria OteroNavascues", founder and first Director of the Institute of Optics,November 27, at CSIC

The Institute of Optics in the 12th Week of Science in Madrid

Come and participate in the following activities at theInstitute of Optics, CSIC, in the Week of Science

 Monday, November 12,[...]

The Institute of Optics hosts the Summer School and Annual Meeting of the Marie Curie ITN Network "Optical and Adaptational Limits of Vision"
The Institute of Optics hosts the Summer School and Annual Meeting of the Marie Curie ITN Network "Optical and Adaptational Limits of Vision" (Sept 18-21 2012)

Additional information at[...]

Madrid MIT M+Vision Horizon Lectures on Biomedical Imaging at Instituto de Optica (CSIC). July 2-5 2012
The Instituto de Optica (CSIC) hosts the first week of Horizon Lectures of the Madrid MIT M+Vision Consortitum on Biomedical Imaging: July 2-5 2012, 18:00-19:00 followed by a[...]

Madrid-MIT M+Vision Minicourse on "Optical Imaging: Applications in Ophthalmology"

As part of the Madrid-MIT Vision Consortium JulyMinicourse Series, the Institute of Optics will be offering a course on"Optical Imaging:

MIT Madrid M+Vision 2013 Fellowships on Translational Biomedical Imaging